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Home Automation Gadgets

March 25, 2016 no comments Household

Home Automation Gadgets

These days, like it or not men are doing more house work than ever before. Whether or not you are married or single this is something we all need to do. It does not need to be time consuming however. There are plenty of gadgets and appliances out there that will save you plenty of time. The robotics technology has advanced to an amazing extent. Call it home automation, home robotics or just time saving home gadgets, they do the chores so you don’t have to.  I have put together a short list of the best time saving home gadgets and a short review of each. Put these great ideas to use and free up your time for things you’d rather be doing, which is almost anything else. This list will keep evolving as we find more handy items to add.

Roomba Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuuming and cleaning the floor takes forever but there is a better way. Roomba from IRobot Roomba 980, Home Automationmakes a full line of vacuums and floor cleaners that hugely reduce the time needed to almost nothing. Some models can even be programmed to turn on at a specific time and when they are done they return to their charging bay. Set it for sometime when you won’t be home and it will turn itself on and vacuum for over an hour a day.  You can literally forget about them for a week straight and your floor stays vacuumed. Just remember to empty the dust bin every few days.  They also have models that will wet mop your floor for you, of course these may require more supervision. Still beats doing it yourself though.

From personal experience i can say that the rechargeable batteries don’t last forever. Every year toRoomba 980, Home Automation year and a half or so they will probably have to be replaced at a cost ofover $100. The units however are super easy to take apart and Roomba 980, Home Automationreplace almost any component. They have been designed to be easy to work on which allows them to keep running for years. IRobot has a constant lineup of new models coming out and they are very impressive but any unit will run for years.

Also i can add that IRobot’s customer service is second to none. The most recent time that i had bought a battery, I had a very minor complaint that i added to the customer survey that they sent me. Within a day they had called me and answered my question. And then again 2 days later to make sure i was happy. IRobots products top the list of  home automation gadgets for men. 

Check out their full lineup of Roomba vacuums at or

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Home automation isn’t just indoors anymore. Many people enjoy yard work but for many of us it is just a chore that needs to be done. On a hot and humid day, or if there are lots of insects attacking you or if you have just had a miserable day at work, having to cut your grass just isn’t fun. Now you don’t have to. There is a large selection of robotic lawn mowers available to do it for you. These home automation gadgets don’t mind if its hot or muggy out or if the bees and wasps are attacking them. Best of all they really don’t mind if you are kicking back in the shade with a beer and watching them do all the work. Some  of the main companies that build these devices are Lawnbott , Robomow , Worx and Husqvarna.

My favorite and the one i find the most impressive is the Robomow RS630. It is equipped with Bluetooth Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawn Mower, Home Automationconnectivity which allows you to manage the mower and your lawn with the Robomow app.  It is rated to handle lawns up to 3/4 of an acre but it can probably handle more than that. It will mow until it needs to recharge and then it will return to its charging station. When it has charged, it heads out again and so on. For larger lawns it just has do do this more often. It also has a rain and humidity sensor and when you set it up you can choose whether you want it to operate in the rain or not. As with all these mowers it comes with a perimeter wire than defines the boundaries of your lawn, besides that it also has a bumper that can sense obstacles, the blades stop, it changes direction and off it goes. ARobomow RS612 Robotic Lawn Mower, Home Automation safety feature that is great is that it is designed to stop the blades the moment it is lifted from the ground or moved to a vertical position. I love this feature because lets face it, children will find this thing irresistible. It mows and you don’t!!

One of the largest and most expensive of these is the LawnBott LB3550 which they claim can handle up to a 2 acre lawn. For the price of this unit you can buy yourself a cheap lawn tractor but then you’re back to doing it yourself again. This mower also has the safety feature that stops the blade when touched and it also has an alarm that sounds when an unauthorized user picks it up.  This is great since you have the comfort of knowing it won’t disappear as soon as someone walks past on the sidewalk. You have to realize however that given the 2 acre capacity of this mower that it will most probably be used on an acreage where the chance of it going home with someone is much lower. I really like the 2 acre capacity of this mower and it would be great on an acreage where even a 2 acre lawn is quite large. The only reason that it is second on the list is its price. LawnBott LB3550 Robotic Lawn Mower, Home Automation

LawnBott LB3550 Robotic Lawn Mower, Home Automation



One of the biggest complaints about all of these lawn mowers is the perimeter wire. Many people find that the wire tends to break and needs to be replaced. To fix this you can go to your local hardware store and pick up some solid core wire of a heavier gauge. Furthermore its a good idea to bury the wire slightly to prevent the mower from tangling it up in the blades. If you decide not to bury it, make very sure to run it solidly on the ground and pin it down properly.


Winbot Window Cleaner

Cleaning our windows really isn’t on the radar for many of us and I’m guilty of that to. For the rest ofWinbot W930, Home Automation you it’s just a chore to be done and nothing more. Enter the Winbot W930 Window Cleaning Robot. Of all the home automation gadgets, this one is one of the coolest. The Winbot is to windows what the Roomba in to floors. Simply wet down the cleaning sponge, place it on the window and turn it on and watch it clean. It has an internal vacuum with dual suction rings that keeps it attached to the window. It can even get into the corners. The top of the line Winbot W930 has a 4 stage cleaning system while the Winbot W730 has 2 cleaning pads and a squeegie.

Winbot W730, Home Automation

Winbot W930, Home AutomationYou would think that of all the complaints about the Winbot that you would hear about it losing suction and falling but no. The biggest complaint is about it leaving a couple streaks where it finishes. Also you should be aware that most models are about a foot square so small windows may be more hassle than it’s worth. Larger picture windows and even smooth glass shower doors are ideal for the Winbot. See the full lineup at or

Home Automation Gadgets will be added to in the future so be sure to like What Men Like on Facebook to see more featured products and new reviews.

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