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Gift Ideas for Men

January 30, 2016 no comments Uncategorized

Ten Best Gift Ideas for Men

The ten best gift ideas for men. Hey Ladies, Valentines day is coming up and while usually you’re the ones getting the gifts, some of you may want to give your guy something as well. Let me tell you its really appreciated. However the traditional valentines gift isn’t quite the same for guys as for women so lets get a little creative.  Now i haven’t chosen anything crazy expensive here but hopefully you can get some ideas.

These gifts are also great for a birthday, christmas or anytime. So check out my ten best gift ideas for men and hopefully you get some ideas.

Now we all like chocolate, but why not change it up a bit? We have chocolate handguns as well as chocolate bullets and even grenades.


Chocolate revolver Gift Ideas for MenChocolate Bullets, Gift Ideas for Men


Now on any occasion that you may want to buy a gift you may also want to imbibe a little bit so why not a cool shot glass? For something a bit different why not a shotgun shell or a skull shot glass? We even have chocolate shot glasses perfect with kaluha. We will also be adding a selection of wine glasses soon as well.

12 Guage Shotgun Shell Shot GlassSkull Shot GlassChocolate Shot Glass


Now every woman likes to get jewellery and for valentines day its quite normal to receive this.  It doesn’t quite work on guys though, unless its done right. Why not a wrench ring?  These should give you some ideas and you could even get it engraved if you like.


Wrench RingWrench Ring



Now while we are on the subject of jewellery, why not a watch ? Most guys will wear them and they come in a huge variety of styles and prices. We even have smart watches. These are some of my favorites.


Mens WatchesMens WatchesMens Watches

Most guys like to BBQ so why not some grill accessories? And i’m not talking about a simple old wire brush here. Why not a steak branding iron? Now you’ll know who’s is who’s. Or why not a tactical apron?

Steak Branding IronTactical Chef Apron

Does he like all the new tech and gadgets? A star wars fan? We all are a little bit. Almost anything R2-D2 will make him smile.  Or if not that then why not a quadcopter drone ? We even have a selection of Heads up Displays for his car.

QuadCopter DroneHeads up Vehicle Display Ten Best Gift Ideas for MenR2D2 USB Outlet Ten Best Gift Ideas for Men

Ok any list of gift ideas for men has to include cologne. Now maybe not hugely creative it still makes a great gift so i’m going to have to include it. We have a huge variety of whatever you’d like your guy to smell like. After all the cologne is as much for as him isn’t it?

Ten Best Gift Ideas for MenTommy HilfigerTommy Hilfiger

Alright now that he smells good lets make him look good. Check out our shavers.

Ten Best Gift Ideas for MenTen Best Gift Ideas for MenTen Best Gift Ideas for Men

Now what guy doesn’t like bacon? We have all the bacon stuff anybody could want. Check out the bestseller Fifty Shades of Bacon ? Why not some candied bacon? Or for the biggest bacon lovers we have various sample packs. Just want to enjoy the smell? We have The Original Man Candle as well as other scented candles. Want some cooking ideas? We have that to.

Ten Best Gift Ideas for MenTen Best Gift Ideas for MenTen Best Gift Ideas for Men

Found any ideas yet? Is your guy a camper? We have a selection of knives and multitools. We even have the Bear Grylls endorsed items. We also have many other brands from Leatherman to Gerber.

Buck 119 Hunting Knife, Gift ideas for MenUSMC KaBar Gift Ideas for MenBear Grylls Multitool


Thanks for reading everyone. If you didn’t find what you wanted here i hope you i at least gave you an idea or two.

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