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Knife Blade Styles

Knife Blade Styles

Knives blade styles are incredibly varied and diverse.  Ranging from the aesthetic and beautiful Bowie knives to some rather strange looking blades. They are all designed for a specific use, from gut hooks and skinning blades to tanto points and filleting knives.  Choose the one that’s right for you. Below are some of the most common.



Note the sharp angles on the nose.  You will see tanto and modified tanto but those angles are what they will all have in common. Avery rugged and strong design suitable for survival and hunting knives.

Clip Point


Often referred to as a bowie knife, note the crescent arc on the top of the blade.  The narrower tip is great for work in tight spaces however isn’t as strong as other designs.  The crescent on top of the blade can also be straight.

Drop Point


The drop point has a convex curve on the backside of the blade. The opposite of the clip point, it is a stronger blade often found in folding and pocket knives.

Spear Point


Symmetrical curves on both sides of the blade. Both sides can be sharpened.  Used on throwing knives as well as daggers and anything designed to thrust and penetrate. Popular on tactical knives. Similar to the smaller Pen Blade which is not sharpened on the back and is found mostly in folding knives.

Gut Hook and Skinning

BuckLite MAX™ Large Knife

Technically two different styles of blades but often found together for practical reasons. Note the broad curve on the cuttung edge of the skinning edge. Suitable for skinning without piercing the hide